The Success of 3D Movies

If there was one thing in the movie industry that I didn’t expect to make an epic comeback, it’s definitely 3D movies.

Between a good ten, or fifteen years ago, major movie studios thought people would pay an absurd amount of money to go out to the theater, and watch 3D movies.  In the end, they were absolutely correct in thinking that, but their first attempts resulted in absolute failure.

I recall a children’s movie known as Spy Kids that tried the 3D out, and even the franchise known as Jaws gave it a try at some point as well as many others.  Unfortunately, the technology for it wasn’t that great, and the effects that bled through past the glasses were atrocious to look at.  They used colors to make it happen, and that immediately became their downfall since a pair of red, and blue 3D glasses won’t allow any movie to look good regardless of its production value.

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The new kind of 3D technology that Sony developed though works without manipulating the colors in the film, and it has everyone sprinting to the theaters as quickly as they can.  In fact, it’s almost a requirement on any new movie release these days to include a 3D version of it.  For some, it still causes unwanted eye-strain that keeps them from seeing it in 3D again, but it’s very few.

The best part about the new 3D movies that have come out today like Avatar, or more recently the World of Warcraft movie, is that they don’t bled through the glasses.  You don’t get any blur that you would experience without the glasses while you have the glasses over your eyes.  They’re absolutely fantastic, and can only improve as the new movies come out.  Personally, I can’t wait to see my next 3D movie.


How Videos Get Everywhere Today

Not every popular video is a full-length feature film that passes through the movie theater.  There are plenty of comedy sketches, short stories, and other videos that generate a lot of revenue as well as a lot of attention.

Part of that can be greatly attributed to the fact that attention isn’t nearly as hard to obtain any more.  With the way the internet has grown, news from the opposite side of the planet can reach people in a matter of seconds.  If you’re looking for a tree service for your friend in Little Rock, you don’t even have to be in the same country to find their website online for them.  It’s a huge network that can disperse information as fast as electricity can travel, which is absolutely blazing fast.

With that fact, almost anyone who enjoys their time making great videos are able to profit off of it, and get a lot of people in the world to see it.  You don’t have to have a billion-dollar studio, and a team of excited investors in order to make it happen either.  Some people have popularly been able to do it with less than ten seconds of footage in fact.  They say that life finds a way, and with this sort of world today it makes you believe that some dreams work that way as well.

For some, it only took the cell phone in their pocket, and a connection to the internet with services like Vine.  It seems like you no longer need the approval of a small number of investors, but the attention of a large number of people.  Once you have normal everyday people enjoying your video, some company or sponsor will find you a way to monetize it, and get it to every person in the world.  The only thing that may be holding you back right now is the pure desire to do it.

In this aspect, the internet doesn’t just provide the platform, but the marketing as well.  That includes the small video maker living in their parent’s home, and the huge billion-dollar movie studios around the world.

You have to work really hard not to see a single advertisement, or post about an upcoming movie from a large movie studio.  Movies can even be advertised with a notification to your smart phone with the right app installed on it.

For the smaller video makers, it’s a marketing system that gives back to their selves.  That goes double if they’re monetizing their video productions through a platform such as YouTube that pays their video producers based on the number of views a video gets.  That’s not only because it brings people to their website, but every view includes one or two advertisements to the viewer.  Those advertisements both make money for video producers, and get paid for by video producers.

Personally, I think it’s an absolutely fantastic system that gives back to itself, and allows many people the opportunity to get their work seen by everyone.


Too Much CGI?

Ever since the time that CGI started to become more, and more prevalent in movies, people began to ponder whether there is too much of it.

CGI has become so prevalent that “practical effects” has become a term used in the industry lately as a feature rather than just a totally normal thing that you would see in every movie.  People are understanding what it means, and are paying attention to the differences.  The latest Mad Max movie is a good example of that.  I personally saw plenty of articles, reviews, or videos explaining on how their major use of “practical effects” instead of CGI made a big difference in the movie.  Not only did it make a big difference, but people point it out as one of the major reasons it turned out to be so good as well as visually stunning.

The subject comes up a lot when you think back to things such as the big complaint over the Star Wars prequels.  Although I agree they aren’t good for a number of reasons, a lot of people said there was too much CGI involved with the film.  The same is brought up while mentioning recent movies such as The Hobbit, or Jurassic World.

The limitations of CGI appear to only be limited by the writers, and CGI artist’s imagination.  Although, people seem to have a particular value in practical effects rather than the computer generated.  Just like every argument there is another side that either doesn’t care, or has a firm standing belief in CGI instead of using practical effects like costumes, or make-up artists.

There are movies out there that are entirely CGI, or very close.  James Cameron’s Avatar broke a lot of major records with their movie, and it was almost entirely CGI based.

The question is, what holds up better over time?  As a person with no strong standing with either one, I’d say that practical effects hold up better over time.

CGI is certainly no slouch, you can watch the trailer alone for the movie Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, and I think it’s still very visually satisfying to watch.  That movie is from the year 2001, and could’ve been obtained on a VHS tape, but still fantastic.  If you watch movies like Avatar though, you can see quite a few differences in the detail, and quality that makes it not hold up so well.

A great example of practical effects doing their job to hold up over the years, is the original Jurassic Park movie.  You can watch that movie today, and you’d be shocked at its current age.  The same applies for movies of a similar production standard.

CGI is vastly improving though, so we’ll see in another ten years if people will still have the same opinion of it.  I personally think they’ll hardly notice the difference anymore.

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When Standards Became High

Even though movies like the original Godzilla was released in the year 1954, you can still see them today through the many services, or conversions available.

Due to the fact it was released in the year 1954 you can clearly see the costumes, models, and everything else that was used.  That didn’t make a difference to the people at the time though they still thought it was incredible.  So incredible that it’s a film franchise that still has movies releasing today.  Not just movies, but even video games that in some cases sold fairly well for what they were.  It’s absolutely no argument that the original Godzilla movie was loved by the people who were able to see it, and probably went to go see it a second time if they could.

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The budget on such films during the time likely put movie studios on the same level, and attainability as other great local businesses such as the one at Little Rock Plumbers for example.

Today, however, those very same special effects, or even the budget for that matter, wouldn’t pass in the year 2016.  You would be laughed out of the movie industry, and no one would do business with you.  The best you would be able to do would be to post your films to a free website such as YouTube, but likely not receive the praise you wanted.

Standards for the movie industry have gotten incredibly high.  It’s fairly safe to say that the cost of operation alone has well-surpassed the reach of a massive portion of the population.  There are few companies that have found a way without some sort of billion-dollar company as a prerequisite.  The studio known as Rooster Teeth is a good example, but it took them nearly two decades to accomplish their first movie as a result.

The only hope you have to enter the movie industry now is to get hired into it, but is that the worst thing?  The high standards have given us some incredible movies to watch more visually incredible than anything.  Only some of the most outstanding talent in the industry of animation, make up, acting, and other roles make the cut anymore.  It makes achieving the dream of making it into the major film industry a lot more difficult than ever before, even if you have a college education.

In my personal belief, the high standard has a momentum of a roller coaster going downhill.  The standards aren’t going to lower any time soon, but it’s up to opinion to whether it’s a good, or absolutely terrible thing.


Movie Magic

“Movie Magic” is one of the older terms that’s originated from the film industry, and is still used every day to describe the wonders that the film industry is capable of pulling off today.

Even decades ago before today’s advanced editing, and animation technology was created people were wondering how the movie studios did it.  In 1984, when the original Ghostbusters was released, the cinematic effects, creature costumes, and everything else the film studio used was unreal.

Although I’m sure it started even before that, names in the industry of special effects became known, and the budget for movies kept increasing.  It seemed as if movie studios were in some sort of competition to get the most “magical” movie experience they could by taking them to new levels.

People love it, because there are few better sensations than going to the movie theater on a Saturday night with a friend, and have your jaw drop at the sight that’s displayed on the huge movie screen.  In today’s world we’re not able to experience going to the moon, fighting aliens, or some of the experiences that movies portray for ourselves.  That’s why movie magic is so important, and why it’s so effective on each of us.  It’s also why the competition among movie studios has raised the budget for the average movie production to over a hundred million dollars easily.

It’s definitely not a bad thing, and the healthy competition is what allows movie magic to still exist today making people wonder how they could’ve done it.