These blog posts are about me discussing the curious, and interesting aspects of the of the film industry of today, and the past.  Entwined are a few of my personal opinions on the matter that’s being discussed, but it’s all primarily factual information.

The purpose of them is to somewhat inform the reader, and get them thinking about the underlying subjects, and form opinions of their own about them.  Everyone has their personal preference, and it’s great to properly form their own into an opinion so they can discuss them casually amongst each other.  It’s this that helps to further refine the video production industry over time to make it into something even bigger, and better than ever done before.

It also helps the smaller video producers working from their home in supporting their dreams who don’t have the hundreds of millions of dollars backing them like large movie studios do.  Not everyone who has a strong passion in video development has that in fact, but in today’s world it’s still possible for them to be successful.  It’s that among many other subjects in video industry that’s put out on the table for people to read, and talk about.  Get started, then possibly even write your own blogs on the subject!