Movie Magic

“Movie Magic” is one of the older terms that’s originated from the film industry, and is still used every day to describe the wonders that the film industry is capable of pulling off today.

Even decades ago before today’s advanced editing, and animation technology was created people were wondering how the movie studios did it.  In 1984, when the original Ghostbusters was released, the cinematic effects, creature costumes, and everything else the film studio used was unreal.

Although I’m sure it started even before that, names in the industry of special effects became known, and the budget for movies kept increasing.  It seemed as if movie studios were in some sort of competition to get the most “magical” movie experience they could by taking them to new levels.

People love it, because there are few better sensations than going to the movie theater on a Saturday night with a friend, and have your jaw drop at the sight that’s displayed on the huge movie screen.  In today’s world we’re not able to experience going to the moon, fighting aliens, or some of the experiences that movies portray for ourselves.  That’s why movie magic is so important, and why it’s so effective on each of us.  It’s also why the competition among movie studios has raised the budget for the average movie production to over a hundred million dollars easily.

It’s definitely not a bad thing, and the healthy competition is what allows movie magic to still exist today making people wonder how they could’ve done it.