The Success of 3D Movies

If there was one thing in the movie industry that I didn’t expect to make an epic comeback, it’s definitely 3D movies.

Between a good ten, or fifteen years ago, major movie studios thought people would pay an absurd amount of money to go out to the theater, and watch 3D movies.  In the end, they were absolutely correct in thinking that, but their first attempts resulted in absolute failure.

I recall a children’s movie known as Spy Kids that tried the 3D out, and even the franchise known as Jaws gave it a try at some point as well as many others.  Unfortunately, the technology for it wasn’t that great, and the effects that bled through past the glasses were atrocious to look at.  They used colors to make it happen, and that immediately became their downfall since a pair of red, and blue 3D glasses won’t allow any movie to look good regardless of its production value.

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The new kind of 3D technology that Sony developed though works without manipulating the colors in the film, and it has everyone sprinting to the theaters as quickly as they can.  In fact, it’s almost a requirement on any new movie release these days to include a 3D version of it.  For some, it still causes unwanted eye-strain that keeps them from seeing it in 3D again, but it’s very few.

The best part about the new 3D movies that have come out today like Avatar, or more recently the World of Warcraft movie, is that they don’t bled through the glasses.  You don’t get any blur that you would experience without the glasses while you have the glasses over your eyes.  They’re absolutely fantastic, and can only improve as the new movies come out.  Personally, I can’t wait to see my next 3D movie.