When Standards Became High

Even though movies like the original Godzilla was released in the year 1954, you can still see them today through the many services, or conversions available.

Due to the fact it was released in the year 1954 you can clearly see the costumes, models, and everything else that was used.  That didn’t make a difference to the people at the time though they still thought it was incredible.  So incredible that it’s a film franchise that still has movies releasing today.  Not just movies, but even video games that in some cases sold fairly well for what they were.  It’s absolutely no argument that the original Godzilla movie was loved by the people who were able to see it, and probably went to go see it a second time if they could.

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The budget on such films during the time likely put movie studios on the same level, and attainability as other great local businesses such as the one at Little Rock Plumbers for example.

Today, however, those very same special effects, or even the budget for that matter, wouldn’t pass in the year 2016.  You would be laughed out of the movie industry, and no one would do business with you.  The best you would be able to do would be to post your films to a free website such as YouTube, but likely not receive the praise you wanted.

Standards for the movie industry have gotten incredibly high.  It’s fairly safe to say that the cost of operation alone has well-surpassed the reach of a massive portion of the population.  There are few companies that have found a way without some sort of billion-dollar company as a prerequisite.  The studio known as Rooster Teeth is a good example, but it took them nearly two decades to accomplish their first movie as a result.

The only hope you have to enter the movie industry now is to get hired into it, but is that the worst thing?  The high standards have given us some incredible movies to watch more visually incredible than anything.  Only some of the most outstanding talent in the industry of animation, make up, acting, and other roles make the cut anymore.  It makes achieving the dream of making it into the major film industry a lot more difficult than ever before, even if you have a college education.

In my personal belief, the high standard has a momentum of a roller coaster going downhill.  The standards aren’t going to lower any time soon, but it’s up to opinion to whether it’s a good, or absolutely terrible thing.